AOA Strength & ROM:
Active Older Adult multi-level total body conditioning class that includes the use of a chair and equipment

 AOA Yoga:
Active Older Adult class that offers soothing and strengthening postures

This high intensity strength and endurance class focuses on entire body

Line Dancing
Join us for your favorite line dances in a group party 

A complete body workout from head to toe

Deep Stretch

A mat class to stretch those hard working muscles

a body conditioning routine that helps to not only build flexibility, but also strength, endurance, and coordination in the legs, abdominals, arms and back

Class focuses on poses that create strength and flexibility

Tabata Training
Maximizing  your time  working out with sprint intervals of
 30-40 seconds

Zumba Sentao
Combines strength and resistance training with innovative dance moves that center around a chair. This class tone and strengthens the core muscles as well as torches calories

A multi-level cardio class using Latin inspired music and has easy to follow moves

Zumba Tone
 A multi-level cardio class using Latin inspired music and has easy to follow moves along with light weights

Zumba Gold
Zumba for beginners and seniors

Running Club
Running for beginners and seasoned individuals

Dynamic movements of aerobic dance with the pulsating rhythms of the drum (resist-a-ball)


A class that focuses on functional strength and balance using the kettlebells

           Cardio Sculpt
Get your heart rate up while using light hand weights

Cardio and Strength Fusion

A blending of cardiovascular endurance with strength

Power and cardio that draws from martial arts

Cardio Dance
Cardiovascular workout using dance moves

Flashback Fun

Sweating to the oldies

Stronger Me

Exercises designed to create a stronger body, for all ages

Cardio and strength training class using an elevated platform

Cardio, strength, balance & flexibility exercises shock the body to be more fit.  Beginner to Advance level.


Combination pilates, yoga, strength, flexiibility and balance


Hi-Lo Aerobics
Good old days of floor aerobics

An innovative body sculpting class that focuses on core strength, functional fitness and balance

20 minutes each of cardio, strength, and flexibility

Plank It

30 minutes of various plank forms to strengthen the core muscles


Power and cardio that draws from martial arts

Ball Blast

Class using the resist-a- ball to gain strength and flexibility

Ab Blaster

Floor class to build ab muscles and strengthen the core